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Serenity and a city are two diametrically opposite concepts, which however, get belied in the 'City Beautiful'. Chandigarh is a rare epitome of modernization co-existing with nature's preservation. It is here that the trees and plants are as much a part of the construction plans as the buildings and the roads.

Thanks to the creative genius of Le Corbusier, the city retains its inherent character even today, as conceived by him in his Master Plan. Corbusier's architectural ingenuity endowed with uniform and standardized structure designs. Wide roads, sector wise divisions, tree-lined avenues, land scaping and a wide piazza, lends the city a special character and a unique orderliness.

The grid-iron plank forms the basis of the tranquil ambience that pervades the city. The sector neighbourhoods with their self sufficient markets and other infrastructural facilities, contain activities within their bounds. The segregated traffic system reduces the noise pollution. Each house has its own share of nature's bounty with verdant open spaces, play - grounds and mini front lawns.

Numerous picturesque spots dotting the city enable its residents and the visitors to get away from the daily grind and tensions and to merge with nature. Whether it is a morning or an evening walk through the salubrious Rose Garden, Shanti Kunj the Leisure Valley, the Lake, the tree lined avenues or the open Piazza, all provide an invigorating experience.

The City Centre-or 'Seventeen', as it is popularly called, offers an organized arrangement of square building blocks and open spaces. The Piazza livens up in the afternoon with the office crowds out to recharge themselves. In the evenings shoppers and tourists, enjoying an icecream or popcorns, sit on the steps of the "dove of peace" sput, where water cascades down from one level to another in geometrically shaped tanks, amidst the delightful play of colourful lights.

The Leisure Valley, the Fitness Trails, the Botanical and terraced gardens, the hibiscus and topiary parks and other gardens along the green belt, that pass through the city, offer a quiet retreat at all hours of the day, orchestrating life's subtler impulses and heightening the spiritual experience and contribute to its serene character.

Even a drive through the city is a lively experience with its pleasant sites, green rolling belts, attractively designed facades of residential areas, the landscaped roundabouts with their own structural elements, and floral layouts and, of course, the majestic view of the Shivalik hill range.

No wonder the residents of Chandigarh are so attuned to quality of life, that this city has to offer, that they find their short forays to other metros a night - marish experince.

For its residents, Chandigarh is the most lovable city to live in and is a near addiction. The visitors view it as their most cherished experience, where one can lose oneself in its sauve serenity and gain spiritual insight.